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Spiritual Formation

Laird on Pain versus Suffering

Martin Laird tells how the practice of contemplation led one woman from being a victim of suffering to a witness of pain.

Willard on the Implementation of a Discipleship Program

Willard describes how to implement his curriculum for Christlikeness.

Willard on the Objectives of a Discipleship Program

Dallas Willard sets out the desired objectives for a discipleship program that results in Christlikeness.

Howard on Evangelical Spiritual Practices

Evan Howard describes the spiritual disciplines native to the Evangelical movement.

Rolheiser on Stages of Discipleship

Ronald Rolhesier describes the three phases of discipleship throughout our lives.

Character Competencies

Developing and assessing character is really hard for educators - but it is essential for theological education

Measuring Spiritual Formation

Measuring spiritual formation is notoriously difficult, but this article lays out some ideas for how to proceed.

Hallesby on Difficulties in Prayer

Ole Hallesby explains how we often make prayer harder than it has to be.

Peck on the Truth

Scott Peck explains some of the emotional heresies we need to repent of.

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