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Guareschi on War vs Politics

In war a man can forgive the enemy who a little while ago was trying to kill him, and can share his bread with him. But in a political battle a man hates his opponent, and a son can kill... Continue Reading →

de Mello on Love

You can love your mother with your whole heart; and your spouse; and each of your children. The wonder is that giving the whole of it to one person does not force you to give less to another. On the... Continue Reading →

Flint and Drake on Doubt

"I doubt often, Michael," whispered Anthony. "There has never been a day in my life that I have not doubted." "I should hope not!" The Macedonian's blue eyes were as pitiless as an eagle's. "Where else but from doubt can... Continue Reading →

Willard on the Implementation of a Discipleship Program

Willard describes how to implement his curriculum for Christlikeness.

Brother Lawrence on Guilt

When he sinned, he confessed it to God with these words: "I can do nothing better without You. Please keep me from falling and correct the mistakes I make." After that, he did not feel guilty about the sin. Brother... Continue Reading →

Willard on the Objectives of a Discipleship Program

Dallas Willard sets out the desired objectives for a discipleship program that results in Christlikeness.

Colbert on Discipline

Q: What's the one thing about yourself that you wish you could change? A: I wish I had more discipline. I work hard, but that's not the same thing as discipline. I tend to work hard to throw myself at... Continue Reading →

Howard on Evangelical Spiritual Practices

Evan Howard describes the spiritual disciplines native to the Evangelical movement.

Willard on Eternal Life

The only definition of eternal life found in the Scripture is John 17:3: "And this is eternal life, that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." Jesus is the way to the... Continue Reading →

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