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Spiritual Formation

Willard on How to Listen to God

Dallas Willard lays out "a formula for living with God's voice"

Willard on Why There Is a Hell

Dallas Willard explains why hell is simply the best God can do for some people.

Coe on the Dark Night of the Soul

John Coe describes the dark night of the senses and the dark night of the spirit.

Mining Our Own Tradition

Some exciting resources I've discovered in the study of Evangelical spirituality

Stages of Faith

While every Christian journey is unique, many of us pass through a similar series of stages.

Happy New Year!

Advent marks the start of the Church Year. Robert Webber explains what it's all about.

The Practice of Gratitude

Some ideas on how to give thanks as a spiritual discipline

Spiritual Disciplines for the Temperaments – Judging and Perceiving

The final MBTI preference pair relates to the level of structure the person prefers in life. Judgers (Js) are methodical, and like to get things prepared well in advance. Perceivers (Ps) are more spontaneous and flexible, and like to leave things open until the last minute (in case something better should arise).

Spiritual Disciplines for the Temperaments – Feeling and Thinking

Just as introverts have social needs and extraverts can stand to be alone, Feelers (Fs) think and Thinkers (Ts) have feelings. This preference simply describes how a person makes decisions based on the information gathered through their senses or intuition. The T strives to be objective, removing themselves from the equation and making the decision based on adherence to a set of principles. The F on the other hand prefers to see situations subjectively from within, seeking the outcome that engenders the greatest harmony among all those involved.

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