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Spiritual Formation

The boundaries of spiritual disciplines

Can you do too much of the spiritual disciplines?

Mission by Neighbouring

In January 2009 a group of Denver pastors gathered to dream about how their churches could join to serve the community. They asked the mayor to come and talk about his dream for their city. They also asked him to... Continue Reading →

Willard on How to Listen to God

Dallas Willard lays out "a formula for living with God's voice"

Willard on Why There Is a Hell

Dallas Willard explains why hell is simply the best God can do for some people.

Coe on the Dark Night of the Soul

John Coe describes the dark night of the senses and the dark night of the spirit.

Mining Our Own Tradition

Some exciting resources I've discovered in the study of Evangelical spirituality

Stages of Faith

While every Christian journey is unique, many of us pass through a similar series of stages.

Happy New Year!

Advent marks the start of the Church Year. Robert Webber explains what it's all about.

The Practice of Gratitude

Some ideas on how to give thanks as a spiritual discipline

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