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Spener on the Training of Pastors

Spener gives some guidelines on how the training of pastors should be reformed

Spener on How to Correct the Erring

Philipp Spener gives five guidelines for correcting heretics

Spurgeon’s Prayer for Revival

O God, send us the Holy Ghost. Give us both the breath of spiritual life and the fire of unconquerable zeal. O thou who art our God, answer us by fire, we pray thee. Answer us both by wind and... Continue Reading →

Tozer on Why We Shouldn’t Pray for Revival

Evangelical mystic A.W. Tozer explains why today's church is not ready for revival.

Laubach on Experiencing God Every Minute

Frank Laubach teaches us how to experience God constantly through playing "The Game with Minutes"

Bonhoeffer on the Ministries of Fellowship

Dietrich Bonhoeffer gives four concrete examples of what fellowship actually means.

Mining Our Own Tradition

Some exciting resources I've discovered in the study of Evangelical spirituality

Trueblood on Transforming Church

Trueblood gives some practical advice on how to transform congregations into redemptive societies

Trueblood on How to Fix Society

Elton Trueblood suggests Christ-filled fellowships as the answer to what ails Western society

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