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Spener on What’s Wrong with the Church and How to Fix It

Jacob Spener explains what was wrong with the church in his time and how to fix it.

A word on plagues

What we can learn from three episodes when the Church faced sickness.

Spurgeon on Professional Development on a Budget

Spurgeon teaches ministers how to continue to learn and grow in their vocation without much money

Bonhoeffer on Confession

Dietruch Bonhoeffer explains why confession our sin to one another is so helpful and how to do it safely.

Wesley on the Importance of Communion

John Wesley explains what we should take communion as often as possible.

Wesley on How to Use Money

John Wesley describes three simple rules for how to use our money to the glory of God.

de Sales on Friendship

Francis de Sales talks about true and false friendship

de Sales on Protecting Your Reputation

Francis de Sales teaches when and how to protect your reputation.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Direct Action

Martin Luther King Jr. explains his approach to social action and reasons for it.

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