As I do at the end of every year, here is a list of the books I read this year that were not only interesting but changed how I live.

  • Self to Lose, Self to Find (Marilyn Vancil): I’ve read half-a-dozen books of the Enneagram at this point and this recent find has been the most useful I’ve encountered. She not only does a great job of introducing the 9 types, but she goes further and lays out a Biblically-grounded process for what to do next once you’ve identified your type (i.e., her OWN-UP model).
    • The Essential Enneagram (David Daniels and Virginia Price) is an excellent companion book as it walks you through the process of determining your Enneagram Number.
  • Glittering Vices (Rebecca DeYoung): This great book on the seven deadly sins and their remedies is now in its second edition and it’s only gotten better. While psychology as a science was invented just over 100 years ago, this book collects the Church’s accumulated centuries of practical wisdom about the most common ways human hearts can become fractured.
  • Secrets of Consulting (Gerald Weinberg): Although this is a business book, its insights are widely applicable to all spheres of life. Defining consulting as “the art of influencing people at their request,” Weinberg offers many humorous yet wise tips for those who consult or those you use consultants. He shares what he has learned about “the rationality of seemingly irrational behavior that often surrounds requests for influence.” So if you’re a counselor, pastor, board member, or even a business consultant, this book is for you!