This list will be different than in years past because most of my reading was related to selecting books for a CBTE curriculum I built for a Bible college. So here are some standout books (and videos) I came across in that sifting process.

Bible Study: The Bible Project’s videos can’t be beat for getting an overview of the content of the Bible, especially the New Testament, Old Testament, and How to Read the Bible playlists. Grasping God’s Word and The Blue Parakeet are great for learning how to interpret Scripture and What is Biblical Theology? is a solid introduction to the main story and common themes across the entire Bible.

History: Church History: An Essential Guide is a great, short survey of Christian history, and Turning Points shines the light on some key historical moments that still influence the Church today. Water from a Deep Well does the same but for key people and movements in the spiritual life of the Church. If you want to learn to spiritually benefit from reading old books then check out Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics. For a wonderful event in recent Canadian church history, read about the Canadian Revival of 1971 and watch a pastor sharing his memories of the revival.

Spiritual Formation: I always recommend Celebration of Discipline (best results come with working through its excellent workbook over a year). I also have the arrogance to suggest my own teaching videos on this topic.

Discipleship: I’ve always been a fan of parts of chapter 8 of The Divine Conspiracy (namely, the sections titled “How to Be a Disciple”, “How to Become a Disciple” and “Helping Others Find Their Way Into Discipleship”) as well as Organic Discipleship.

Leadership: I’ve got a big beef with most leadership books, so I was very picky for these courses. However, I really enjoy The Leader’s Journey and The Emotionally Healthy Leader. For the temptations unique to Christian leaders, In The Name of Jesus can’t be beat and Phil Vischer’s Me, Myself and Bob is an excellent autobiography (this related video is great, too).

Communication: If you ever find yourself writing something, I heartily suggest Writing Under Pressure and Purdue’s OWL site. For digital communication check out the Graphic Design video series.