In his 1650 classic The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living, Jeremy Taylor included a number of prayers. This one is for debtors:

O almighty God, who art rich unto all, the treasury and fountain of all good, of all justice, and all mercy, and all bounty, to whom we owe all that we are, and all that we have, being thy debtors by reason of our sins, and by thy own gracious contract made with us in Jesus Christ;

teach me, in the first place to perform all my obligations to thee, both of duty and thankfulness;

and next, enable me to pay my duty to all my friends, and my debts to all my creditors, that none be made miserable or lessened in his estate by his kindness to me, or traffic with me.

Forgive me all those sins and irregular actions by which I entered into debt further than my necessity required, or by which such necessity was brought upon me; but let not them suffer by occasion of my sin.

Lord, reward all their kindness into their bosoms, and make them recompense where I cannot, and make me very willing in all that I can, and able for all that I am obliged to; or, if it seem good in thine eyes to afflict me by the continuance of this condition, yet make it up by some means to them, that the prayer of thy servant may obtain of thee, at least, to pay my debt in blessings. Amen.