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Tozer on Orthodoxy

For myself, I am reverently concerned that I teach nothing but Christ crucified. For me to accept a teaching or even an emphasis, I must be persuaded that it is scriptural and altogether apostolic in spirit and temper. And it... Continue Reading →

Eliot on Evangelical Hypocrisy

George Eliot's scathing critique of an Evangelical preacher of her time bears lessons for Evangelicals of all times.

The Desert Saints on Doing Nothing for Show

The Desert Fathers and Mothers teach about the importance of humility and doing nothing for show.

Quaker Self-Examination

The Canadian Yearly Meeting's Advices and Queries guide Canadian Quakers in their practice of self-examination. Come see what they ask themselves!

Thomas à Kempis on the Dangers of Intellectualism

Thomas à Kempis outlines some dangers of substitute learning for genuine devotion.

Spurgeon on depression in ministry

Charles Spurgeon shares how depression manifests itself in pastoral ministry.

Kelly on mission grounded in the love of God

Thomas Kelly explains how mission must be not only based on, but also conducted through, our relationship with God.

Lewis on Loving Our Enemies

C.S. Lewis teaches us how to oppose our enemies without descending into hatred.

The Twelve Traditions

Learning about how to run a faith community from the 12 Step movement.

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