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Knowledge competencies

Why I think knowledge should never be a competency in a CBTE program

Identifying competencies for CBTE programs

How to apply the framework origin approach to develop competencies for a CBTE program

Lewis on Obedience and Authority

Obedience accepted with delight and authority exercised with humility are the very lines along with our spirits live. C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

Spurgeon on Professional Development on a Budget

Spurgeon teaches ministers how to continue to learn and grow in their vocation without much money

Character Competencies

Developing and assessing character is really hard for educators - but it is essential for theological education

John Bunyan on the Gospel

"Run, John, run" the Law commands But gives me neither feet nor hands. Far better news the Gospel brings It bids me, "Fly!" - and gives me wings. John Bunyan

Measuring Spiritual Formation

Measuring spiritual formation is notoriously difficult, but this article lays out some ideas for how to proceed.

Software Wisdom for Ministry

Some lessons from the field of software development for ministry

Stackhouse on education

Teachers need to change minds, not just inform them, so that whole ways of life will be altered for the better. Education is therefore art as much as science, requiring wisdom and love as much as it requires erudition and... Continue Reading →

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