I just came across this great story in Living Together in a World Falling Apart:

One day a man dropped into one of the households at Reba Place Fellowship [an intentional Christian community]. He seemed troubled and wanted to talk. Virgil Vogt took him down to the little basement office where they could be alone. After a little bit of discussion, it appeared that the man had a severe drinking problem and was looking for “help.”

Virgil told him, “Well, first I’ll tell you about the best help we can give you.” And he shared with the man the possibility for a new life in Christ. The man grew a little uncomfortable.

“Well,” he broke in, “what I really need is some money for a bus ticket to Cleveland.” His voice was challenging, implying that Virgil was probably willing to hand him “religion” but wouldn’t go so far as to actually give him money.

“Okay” Virgil agreed, “we can give that kind of help, too, if that’s all you really want.” He was quiet a moment, then he shook his head. “You know something?” he said, looking straight at the man. “You’ve just really let me off the hook. Because if you had chosen a new way of life in the Kingdom of God, then as your brother I would have had to lay down my whole life for you. This house, my time, all my money, whatever you needed to meet your needs would have been totally at your disposal for the rest of your life. But all you want is some money for a bus ticket….”

The man was so startled he stood up and soon left … without remembering to take the money. The next Sunday he was sitting next to Virgil in the worship service.