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How St Patrick Converted Ireland

Learn Patrick's surprising journey to becoming a missionary to Ireland and how God used it to convert a nation.

Kelly on mission grounded in the love of God

Thomas Kelly explains how mission must be not only based on, but also conducted through, our relationship with God.

Mission by Neighbouring

In January 2009 a group of Denver pastors gathered to dream about how their churches could join to serve the community. They asked the mayor to come and talk about his dream for their city. They also asked him to... Continue Reading →

The Gospel meets Spiritual Formation

My attempt at articulating the gospel message in a way that naturally leads to discipleship.

Bettelheim on Community

Communal life can flourish only if it exists for an aim outside itself. Community is viable if it is the outgrowth of a deep involvement in a purpose which is other than, or above, that of being a community. Bruno... Continue Reading →

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