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Is God proud?

Can God be proud? How does He feel when we take credit for His work?

Scaling Spiritual Formation

Four principles for scaling spiritual formation to reach an entire congregation, denomination or mission agency.

A Method of Spiritual Formation

A practical method to integrate the spiritual disciplines into your life.

The Means of Spiritual Formation

Spiritual growth must have a clear means, or there is no way to move towards it.

The Marks of Spiritual Formation

Spiritual growth must have a goal or risk lurching in random directions. I like Glen Scorgie's model of spiritual growth as relational, transformational, and vocational growth.

Top 10 books I read in 2017

The books that have most changed me in the past year.

The boundaries of spiritual disciplines

Can you do too much of the spiritual disciplines?

The Gospel meets Spiritual Formation

My attempt at articulating the gospel message in a way that naturally leads to discipleship.

Entering the Kingdom Now

A friend of mine muses on the life to come and entering the kingdom now.

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