Course Description
Spiritual formation is the process of being transformed to the image of Christ – for the glory of God, for our blessing and for the blessing of others. This course will lead you through various aspects of this great adventure, to further your own spiritual growth and to equip you to assist others. It also includes workshops where you will try out some of the classic spiritual disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cognitive (head, the “knowing”)
    • Gain a historical and theological grounding for discipleship
    • Learn the many ways people differ in how they follow God
  • Affective (heart, the “feeling”)
    • Be inspired and challenged to deepen your spiritual life
    • Become more self-aware, especially in how you connect with God
  • Behavioural (hands, the “doing”)
    • Be equipped to disciple another believer
    • Experiment with several classical spiritual disciplines

Instructional Style

Because following Jesus is very practical, the course uses two modes of practical instruction:

  • Teaching on practical topics within spiritual formation, with plenty of discussion and interaction
  • Practical experiments with spiritual exercises, followed by activities you can try out at home which we debrief at the start of the next session

The only “textbook” you’ll need for the course is your Bible. While additional reading will be suggested for those who are interested in learning more about each topic, the only “homework” outside of the Saturday mornings is to do the spiritual exercises. No previous academic formation is required; only a desire to learn and a willingness to participate in the exercises and discussions.


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Course Schedule

The course consists of 8 sessions:

  1. The Marks and Means of Spiritual Formation; the Discipline of Journaling
  2. Styles of Spiritual Formation; the Discipline of Scriptural Meditation
  3. More Styles of Spiritual Formation; the Discipline of Prayer
  4. Personality and Spiritual Formation; the Discipline of Silence and Solitude
  5. Stages of Spiritual Formation; the Disciplines of the Sunday Service
  6. Obstacles to Spiritual Formation; the Disciplines of Fellowship
  7. Assisting Others in Spiritual Formation; the Discipline of Service
  8. Listening to God in Times of Choice; Creating a Rule of Life

About the Instructor

Tom Sweeney is the pastor of Tapestry Church, Burlington. He has worked bivocationally as a software developer and teacher of spiritual formation for 15 years in Canada and as a missionary in Brazil. He holds an MTS from Tyndale Seminary, an MA from McMaster Divinity School and is currently pursuing a DMin in Spiritual Formation from Tyndale.